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use dryer sheets to clean soap scum off shower doors

by:Hoone      2020-06-10
How often do you fight with a shower door?
Maybe not literally (
Although I have hit hard glass many times on my elbow)
But when it comes time to clean the bathroom, removing soap residue and dirt from the shiny, clear surface for a few weeks becomes an insurmountable task.
Whether you\'re using a special cleaner and scraper or a carefully selected wipe, it\'s possible that you\'re still struggling with the stripes and sand left behind.
While it may not make sense to steal cleaning supplies from the laundry room to clean the bathroom, your disgusting, spotty glass shower door solution is hidden in your static electricity
Remove dryer sheets.
Rachel said from the daily Simple magazine that what you need is spotless, shiny shower doors with only water, dryer sheets and dishwashing cloth, the process takes only a few steps.
Instrutionsdampen your dryer sheet and in your (dry)
Glass shower door.
The thorny problems should begin to decrease.
Unlike traditional cleaners, the clothes dryer contains ingredients that help soften the fabric and absorb substances such as static electricity and hair
The same is true of scum.
It softens what hangs on the shower door and gently lightens it off the glass by sucking it into its own fabric.
If your soap slag is stubborn and doesn\'t want to leave without fighting, then the detergent is good at doing the job.
Gently rub the cleaning pad on the glass and the residue will fall off quickly.
Just don\'t forget to flush the door after.
Otherwise, you will see a very cloudy, messy glass door.
Now that you \'ve found new uses for cheap and effective dryer sheets, don\'t leave the dryer sheets in the laundry room and see more ways to use them around the house. My favorite way to remove static electricity from hair is (
I seem to collect static)
Is a combination of dryer sheets and hand sanitizer.
You can also use them to clean the dust around the house, Polish tricky mirrors and other reflective surfaces, clean the computer screen and prevent mosquitoes from entering.
With its soft, gentle smell and versatility, they are more than just a laundry product that can be placed nearby.
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