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VNA10067 European Cabinet zinc alloy handle - Germany

This is a request from Germany, the customer is a local hardware trading company in Germany, through the Facebook page to learn about our company.

Customer need 10,000pcs and special packaging, each inner box into 10pcs, then each 6 boxes into 1 master carton, the weight not more than 15kgs per carton.

Because VNA10067 cabinet handle’s mold in Vietnam, so this handle is produced in our Vietnam factory directly. For the finish, it’s our normal color- Nickel silver antique.

After customer received our products, there is 1% product surface with scratch,both we guess maybe when transfer issue, because we were double check before send to customer. According to the conversation and customer’s understand, we send 1% to customer as warranty,also won the customer’s praise and with best service.

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