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A7050 Classic Double base zinc alloy nightstand cabinet handle- USA

American Classic Double base handle, the customer is an Indonesian furniture factory that specializes in nightstand and dressers, while furniture is sold to the United States. Customers through the Alibaba inquiry to our nightstand handle. We recommend 6 different handles to the customer, customer confirmed the item number A7050 handle finally, the quantity is 60,000pcs, requests the FOB Shenzhen price, but after quoted the price, the customer seems to evaporate the same then disappear. We also didn’t give up, still continue to follow up this customer, every one week will be emailed to customers to asking about feedback. When we want to give up, the customer gave hope to us, 3 months ago, the customer is first time to reply E-mail, the E-mail is relatively simple "Can you send the sample to us to check the finish and quality?". After we received the E-mail, of course we were overjoyed. And send the sample to the customer immediately, free sample and shipping cost, this should be able to let customers feel that we pay special attention to them, after customer received the handle samples, but also experienced a long wait, probably waited for 3 months, and finally received the customer's purchase orders.

Because there is a large number of products, and it is shipped in batches. After the first shipment, we encountered a problem, government in strict investigation of environmental issues, resulting in our procurement of raw materials when the time delay, which also disrupted our production progress. After knowing this, our die-casting department colleagues also helped to start adjusting the production time, night and weekend overtime to catch the goods, which allows us to deliver on schedule. To this end, the customer trust in us is also greatly deepened.

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