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A2044 Zinc Alloy Drawer single hole handle-USA

This customer come from the United States to do all-house furniture customization, customer find us on the social network Instagram to inquiry A2044 drawer single hole handle, he needs a small order, 1000pcs, also our MOQ is 1000pcs, that’s why he choose us. Customer requirements are relatively high quality, need to reach high-end European and American standards quality, not only product appearance and color can not be difference, and need to tested by 48 hours salt spray. We also deliberately looking for a special enterprise to help us do the testing. We have an 10% extra of handles shipped to the United States together , in case of special circumstances on the way to cause the product problems can not be used, so that you can have more handles to replacement.

Customer cooperation with us because of our professional and high-quality service.

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