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A3934 Zinc Alloy furniture brushed nickel cabinet handle- Russia

This inquiry from a Russia trader, customer find us through our official website, and asked A3934 Brush nickel cabinet handle, the quantity of number is 5,000pcs.

Quality requirements are without scratches and blisters, for the finish of nickel brush, we have rich experience, so this quality requirements for us to a piece of cake. In the production process, we will pay great attention to each corner of the polishing process, if the polishing process is not good, prone to scraping hands. And for electroplating, we also pay attention to the treatment of water temperature, in case of blisters, and for scratches, but also special instructions in the packaging, every transport and production attention do not scrape, in addition, we also prepare the back up goods, in case customers receive products after the defective product, can be reissued to customers, sure enough, after the customer received the product, there are some defective products, the rate of 1%, we replaced the handle to the customer firstly, and take the initiative to bear the transportation costs, this customer is very satisfied with our service and efficiency.

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