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A6603 Zinc Alloy Furniture hardware drawer handle-USA

A6603 Zinc Alloy Handle the first cooperation customer, who comes from America trade company, at the Canton Fair, the customer came to our booth. Through the conversation to know that the number of customer purchase is not so much, only few thousands pieces, the product is to supply high-end American furniture manufacturers, so the quality requirements of the handle is very high, and need to tested by salt spray. After several times of bargaining, to confirm the quality requirements, the customer finally cooperated with us.

In the production process, we have to pay attention to the quality of control in all aspects, because of the need for salt spray test, we have made some improvements in electroplating, adding a thicker copper in the bottom, making corrosion resistance strengthened.The products is need to ship by sea, so the packaging must be perfect, the sailing date to the United States will take about a month, so we also need to add some desiccant packaging and do some special treatment, in case the product is damaged. After a long time of shipping, customer receive the handle finally, also get the customer's praise.

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